Green Energy

Green energy is the popular name given to renewable and non-polluting energy sources. Choosing such a source reduces the impact of traditional energy on the environment.

This type of energy originates from resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tide, waves and heat.

Photovoltaic and wind energy are an example of green energy and represent a solution for replacing traditional energy.

Solar energy is an option used more and more frequently nowadays. By using this type of energy, we save conventional resources (oil, natural gases, coal, etc.), besides they are even eco-friendly, non-polluting.

Solar energy is consistent and continuous, it is active during the entire year and it distinguishes itself by its capacity of be quickly used by a large part of the rural and even urban population


Using solar energy involves a recoverable investment, with a relatively low price cost as compared to the efficiency of the energy input and – even more – if we consider that solar energy is completely free, meaning besides the initial investment there will be no additional maintenance costs, and the systems with solar panels have performances usually guaranteed for 10 years at more than 85%. (source:

The ECOTIC Caravan is energetically powered by a photovoltaic panel system.


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