About the ECOTIC Caravan

The ECOTIC Caravan (ECOTIC LIFE+ Caravan – LIFE13INF/RO/000090) was a project implemented by the ECOTIC Organisation (www.ecotic.ro) and cofinanced by the European Commission through the LIFE+ program.

The duration of the project was 2 years, and was finalized in June 2016.

Through the implementation of this project we contributed in reducing the risk of climate changes by increasing the awareness level regarding correct handling and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and also by promoting the use of green energy.

We intend informed the target audience regarding the following:

  1. the toxic substances from WEEE and what can be recovered from WEEE
  2. how can WEEE be recycled correctly
  3. where the WEEE collection points are located.

The target audience was made up of pupils of grades 0-VIII in the urban area, their teachers and parents, as well as the people living in cities and municipalities in Romania. The activities specified in the project were intended to change the attitude of the population regarding the conservation, protection and improvement of environmental quality, the protection of human health and the prudent and rational use of natural resources, especially by handing over the WEEE to authorized entities for suitable recycling.


The main attraction of the project was the caravan – mobile exhibition of the WEEE, where 10 disassembled equipment items (CRT monitor, fridge, washing machine, fixed phone, mobile phones, laptop, computer, toy and iron) were presented and displayed in show cases; their role was to convey the WEEE recycling message by emphasising their content of hazardous substances, but also their reuse potential as secondary raw materials.

On 3 LCD monitors inside the caravan ran an animation intended to provide essential information on recycling electronic equipment.

Moreover, the caravan was energetically powered by solar panels.