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ECOTIC Caravan organized a variety of activities at Teatrul Masca!

The partnership between Masca Theatre and ECOTIC has a long history and lots of succesul projects. So we decided to place the caravan in their yard between June 13 to 22.

In the last day, ECOTIC organised at the Masca Theater a seminar dedicated to the NGO. The scope of the project was to share their experience in developing an european project and to acess external funds.


SOS Satele Copiilor Romania – Bucharest Village, June 12


In the month dedicated to the children we visited the children from the Bucharest Village of the SOS Satele Copiilor. We were happy to see the excellent conditions in which they are educated. The visits in the caravan represented for the small ones a visit into a new and fun world of the Ecoterran.

We are always happy to meet the small ones and to bring smiles on dear faces!



ECOTIC Caravan at NATURE Fest! June 5-6

We decided to finish the week dedicated to the environment in a characteristic way, in NATURE , in the event NATURE Fest.

NATURE Fest was an event organised by Bucharest City Hall, through creart – Creation, Art and Tradition Center, in partnership with the Association for Urban Culture and Environment with the support of the Administration of Lakes and Parks Bucharest.

The event was dedicated to all types of persons aiming to encourage the participation at environmental friendly events.

What happen in the event?

– Green Marathon for bicycles

– workshops

– concerts



Environment Day: a celebration and a wonderful opportunity for awareness raising

In every year, on June 5 we celebrate the International Environement Day. This year, the Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests was a great opportunity to mix the Environment Day Celebration and a series of actions organised in Herastrau Park, actions meant to influence a correct attitude towards the environment. It is important to mention the ECOTIC was a partner of this event.

“Roaba de cultura” from Herastrau Park hosted on June 2 the event organised by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, on the Environment Day ocassion. The event was supported by ECOTIC and reunited a series of actions that had as objective the environment protection.

The ECOTIC Caravan was present at the event offering clear information regarding the collection and recycling of WEEE and waste of batteries.

The Caravan was joined by the Ecoterrian, our friend that the small ones begin to know him more as day pass! He’s big, green and fluffy. The Ecoterrian did his job brilliantly as he succeed in attracting the small ones into the green world!

We were happy to see present also the Ministry of the Environment – Gabriela Gavrilescu!

For a clean environment!




ECOTIC Caravan at Romstal Headquarters 29 -30 May

Between 29 – 30 May, the ECOTIC Caravan was placed at the Romstal headquarters.

We were glad to receive the visit of all the employees and clients of Romstal!


Buzau – record number of pupils visiting the caravan!

Buzau was the last stop before returning to Bucharest. The record number of pupils that visited the Caravan (over 4000!) made us happy! This record number is due to No 11 Secondary School from Buzau, from which over 1670 pupils visited the caravan in just in one day.

Great effort of the ECOTIC Caravan team and great satisfaction!



“Eco Days in Your School!” – Galati

As we visited Braila, we had to go to Galati also. The first visit in Galati was at the No.33 Secondary School where we also organized a seminar for the teachers. As we expected, the little ones were enthusiastic about the information in the environment protection. Each time, the students amazed us with the desire to be updated and spread the word when the find out interesting information.

Thank’s for the welcoming Galati!


Braila – another visited city in the Caravan route!

For the 10 days the caravan route included Braila in the list of visited cities. Over 200o pupils from the 5 visited schools, were involved in the activities development. The involved schools in the programme “Eco Days in your School!” are: Secondary School “Mihu Dragomir”, Secondary School “Fanus Neagu”, Sports Highschool, Ana Aslan College and the Secondary School “Aurel Vlaicu”.

On Monday, 11th of May, Ana Aslan College organised the first seminar dedicated to the teachers, where we happily answered to questions and where we saw again the involvement of teachers.


The caravan was opened to the public in METRO and DEDEMAN Braila

The Caravan was parked between May 2-4 in the parking space of METRO and DEDEMAN. Over 500 people from Braila visited us and found out valuable information about the environment protection and waste of electric and electronic equipment.


We reached Focsani!

Focsani was the next city visited by the ECOTIC Caravan where approximately 2000 pupils visited the caravan from the following schools:

  • Stefan Cel Mare School
  • Stefan cel Mare Highschool
  • Secondary school No.3
  • Secondary School Nicolae Iorga

The little ones welcomed us with enthusiasm and with the desire of finding out as many interesting information as possible about  recycling and environment protection.

Thank you for the warm welcoming!