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We visited the schools from Vaslui County!

We reached the Vaslui County where over 1500 students from: Mihail Sadoveanu School – Vaslui, George Tutoveanu School and Gheorghe Rosca Codreanu College from Barlad. At the school from Vaslui we were accompanied by representatives from Obiectiv Vaslui and TV Total Vaslui. The school director, Aurica Felincioiu, appreciate the ecological education actions for adults and children and necessary in a society that neglects more and more the surrounded environment. “Is a project that does not involve only students but also the teachers and parents. We wish to develop within our school as many eco activities as possible, in order raise awareness regarding the waste issue, to actively participate at the collection and correct recycling of waste of electric and electronic equipment, for a clean environment”.


ECOTIC Caravan in the parking lots of the retailers from Iasi

The ECOTIC Caravan was present in the parking lots of Dedeman, METRO Cash&Carry and Carrefour.

Over 1000 persons visited the caravan in this retailers.


3000 school children from Iasi visited the caravan!

At the end of March and the beginning of April, the ECOTIC Caravan in the schools from Iasi. Over 3000 little ones from 8 schools from Iasi found out interesting facts about recycling in a dynamic and interactive way suitable for every age group.

The ECOTIC Caravan participated at the Different School activities (April 6-10, 2015) together with 5 schools from Iasi.

–  “Vasile Lupu” highschool

– Secondary School “George Calinescu”

– Secondary School  “Carmen Sylva”

– Secondary School  “Gh.I.Bratianu”


We are in Iasi! First stop: Dedeman – Valea Lupului.

One of the partners of our project is Dedeman who as always offered us the parking lots of their retail stores for caravan display. This weekend we were placed in Dedeman-Valea Lupului from Iasi. Over 200 persons visited the caravan.


ECOTIC Caravan in the school from Botosani

With lots of enthuziasm we arrived in Botosani County  where we visited 2 schools from Dorohoi: No.5 Secondary School “Spiru Haret”, “Mihail Kogalniceanu” Secondary School and other nine schools from Botosani city:  School No.10, School No.8, School No.2, School No.1, Sports Highschool, No.12 Secondary School, No.12 Secondary School, No.13 Secondary School, No.6 Secondary School and Arts Highschool  “Stefan Luchian”.

The enthusiasm of the 43oo little ones was extraordinary! We’re happy to meet with the students that had knowledge about environment protection and who enjoyed getting more acquainted with the recycling of electronic waste.


The first stop in Botosani County: Dedeman parking lots

The ECOTIC Caravan reached Botosani, and the first stop in this county was in the Dedeman parking lots. Over 350 persons visited the Caravan between March 14- 15, 2015.


“We wish to inspire a more concrete and active involvement of each member of the community in assuring the health of the community of which we belong. We believe that this awareness raising campaign regarding the importance of WEEE collection, brings information closer to the people and shortens the time of adopting the habit of collection and recycling of this dangerous waste. Dedeman supports and will support these kind of initiatives which help us in maintaining a much cleaner environment.” Marcel Blajut – Security Manager DEDEMAN.


Visiting the schools from Suceava!

The ECOTIC Caravan reached the schools from Suceava county. The  visited cities are: Falticeni, Suceava and Radauti.

Over 3000 school children from 7 schools from the county received us with lots of enthusiasm and willingness to get in involve in eco activities!

The visited schools from Suceava county were:

  1.  “Al.I.Cuza” school– Falticeni
  2. “Ion Irimescu” school – Falticeni
  3.  “Miron Costin” school – Suceava
  4.  School no.4 – Suceava
  5.  School no.2 – Radauti
  6.  “Mihai Eminescu” school– Radauti
  7.  “Bogdan Voda” school– Radauti

“It was extraordinary! It’s the best word to describe the Caravan as well as the way the school children were informed!” Rusu Silvica, Coordonating teacher from Mihai Eminescu” School from Radauti.