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ECOTIC CARAVAN is the title of the project for which ECOTIC received co financing through the LIFE+ instrument of the European Union for raising awareness among the population regarding the correct recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The project was implemented in the period November 2014 –June 2016 at national level.

The central element of the Caravan is the utility vehicle transformed into a mobile exhibition, having as dimensions approximately 8 m in height and 5.4 m in width (in deployed position). In the utility vehicle various types of disassembled electrical and electronic equipment are displayed, and for educational purposes the components of these kinds of waste are highlighted.

The explanations, movies and games which are used in this Caravan have the educational purpose to make the persons who will be visiting the mobile museum to correctly act when it comes to recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment, emphasizing the benefits of recycling, but also the negative effects of hazardous substances contained by WEEE.

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