Recycling days in Cluj- Napoca! November 7 -11

Recycling days in Cluj- Napoca!Capture

ECOTIC together with Dedeman,  Cluj-Napoca City Hall, Rosal Cluj, APM CLuj  and Recolamp organizes between 7-15 November 2015, the campaign “Recycling Days in Cluj-Napoca!”. ECOTIC Caravan will be located at the between November 7-11 on Eroilor Bld. and between November 12-15 in Spring Park. The caravan will be opened between 10 am – 6 pm. Within this campaign will be organized four raffles: two raffles dedicated to waste electrical and electronic equipment and two raffles dedicated to bulbs and neons. For each waste handed over a voucher to participate in the raffle of a specific category. The WEEE raffle prizes are 6 tablets offered by Dedeman – TAB3 Galaxy Lite T113 (Price lei with VAT – 392.73; Total lei with VAT: 2356.38) and the drawing dedicated to bulbs and neon, has as prize a Samsung Galaxy 8 GB (Price lei with VAT – 399.99; Total lei with VAT: 799.98) offered by Recolamp. On November 11 and 15, 2015 at 6 pm, will be held at the location of the Campaign (Caravan) the designation of the winners as follows: for each tablet one winner will be extracted and 2 reserves.

The regulation is available here.